Come try free nutTea samples at this Friday and Saturday!

Free Samples this Friday and Saturday

Please come & try samples of nutTea Organic Bars this Friday, Sept 5 at Lifestyle Market’s Douglas, Victoria, BC location and Saturday, Sept 6 at Ingredients Organic Market and Cafe, Victoria, BC.

About Lifestyle Markets

“Stop by Lifestyle Markets. Our 10,000-square foot store offers certified organic foods, including: local, organically-grown fresh produce, celiac-friendly foods, a delicious deli, and an extensive selection of nutritional supplements or vitamins. Whether you’re new to the city, vacationing on beautiful Vancouver Island, or first foraying into the world of natural foods, you’ll find the best stuff for your body at Lifestyle Markets. 

At Lifestyle Markets, we have a wide selection of organic & natural foods.  From fresh, organically-grown greens to specialty grocery items, our store includes the ingredients you need for a healthy lifestyle. Our customers love our diverse selection of gluten-free foods for those with Celiac disease. Whether you’re looking for organic soups, natural savoury snacks, baby care products, or organic energy bars, you’ll find it at Lifestyle Markets. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff are always available to help find what you’re looking for and give recommendations. We carry many of your favourite lines including: Blue Diamond, Holy Crap Cereal, Nature’s Path, and Santa Cruz.  We even have several kinds of Nut Butters and Coconut Oil.  “

About Ingredients Organic Market and Cafe

Ingredients has one of the Victoria’s largest Selection of Organic Bulk Foods. The market stocks a wide selection of local, organic foods. 

They also have an organic café where they prepare all of their food in-house from organic ingredients. Their café is equipped with a bakery, where everything is gluten-free and nearly everything is vegan, as well as a coffee bar where they serve freshly roasted island coffee. They are committed to always using the purest, freshest ingredients, serving healthy and tasty food that energizes your mind, body and soul. They choose organic and local as much as possible and commit to serving good food, made by good people!”