Amazing! No energy crashing (during or after the run)! Had constant energy.

Jennifer JonesCertified Personal Trainer, RunnerVictoria, BC

It was super tasty – I really liked it! I would definitely buy this product because it was delicious, simple and super nice.

Andy MathesonBoxerVancouver, BC

They’re healthy, full of nutrients, and better yet, they’re delicious

Caitlin WebsterRunnerVancouver, BC

I loved the nutTea Bar! It’s like a Lara bar but better!

Lynette LimAmateur triathleteVancouver, BC

Three cheers for real food! The perfect pick-me-up.

Erika RenfrewAspiring Fitness LeaderVictoria, BC

Like a wholesome chocolate bar with no guilt!

Karoline MonkvikRunner, Amateur TriathleteVancouver, BC

Wow! The Yerba Mate bar tastes great! Looking forward to these being sold in stores so I can grab some for my pre-workout fuel.

Colin LoewenthalKrav McGaw, Yoga, Weight-liftingVancouver, BC