About nutTea

Our Vision

To become a leader in providing healthy, organic, sustainable foods using the best wholefood ingredients while eliminating the use of artificial and filler ingredients. 

Our Guiding principles: 

• To use only 100% organic ingredients. 
• To use only healthy, wholefood ingredients. 
• To never use filler ingredients like processed sugar, syrup, nectar, wheat, rice or soy. 
• To promote a healthy, active and meaningful lifestyle.
• To care and protect our environment in a sustainable way.

How nutTea was born?

Needing energy and nutrition for a hike in trails of Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Mayank Chauhan and his brother were unable to find a single energy bar or drink that did not have cheap ‘filler’ ingredients like cane sugar, brown rice syrup, agave nectar, wheat, rice or soy. All of the available bars focused on one aspect of health, like ‘high protein’, ‘low-fat’, ‘low calorie’, and ‘plant-based’ while sacrificing nutrition through addition of processed sugars, preservatives or artificial ingredients. Driven with the need for wholefood organic raw nutrition, Mayank and his brother chose to have raw cashews nuts and tea instead. They felt amazing during their 5 hour hike. The idea of “nutTea” was born. Over the next 2 years Mayank refined the recipe with the help of friends, family and health food industry experts. The result was nutTea, Canada’s first line of 100% organic tea infused energy bars.

We are a young company and we want to hear from you! Tell us what you like or how we can improve our company and products by contacting us.