I loved the nutTea Bar! It’s like a Lara bar but better!

Lynette LimAmateur triathleteVancouver, BC

Wow! The Yerba Mate bar tastes great! Looking forward to these being sold in stores so I can grab some for my pre-workout fuel.

Colin LoewenthalKrav McGaw, Yoga, Weight-liftingVancouver, BC

Three cheers for real food! The perfect pick-me-up.

Erika RenfrewAspiring Fitness LeaderVictoria, BC

It was super tasty – I really liked it! I would definitely buy this product because it was delicious, simple and super nice.

Andy MathesonBoxerVancouver, BC

Amazing! No energy crashing (during or after the run)! Had constant energy.

Jennifer JonesCertified Personal Trainer, RunnerVictoria, BC

Like a wholesome chocolate bar with no guilt!

Karoline MonkvikRunner, Amateur TriathleteVancouver, BC

They’re healthy, full of nutrients, and better yet, they’re delicious

Caitlin WebsterRunnerVancouver, BC